• Selling a house in Richmond, Virginia can be very profitable and a good Real Estate agent will provide a lot of value. As a homeowner you might be wondering what a agent will do for you. From the start we prepare beyond your expectations and listen to your needs. Our go to market strategy begins with touring your home and answering all your questions and providing you with initial feedback. The following day I will email you a digital checklist to help you prepare your home for sale. Next, we will tour your home and give you immediate feedback on items that need to be repaired made so we can sell your house. We can also introduce you to qualified contractors to help get the repairs done in a timely manner.
  1. Touring your home
  2. The journey to selling your home
  3. My responsibilities & expenses
  4. Sellers responsibilities & expenses
  5. Buyers responsibilities & expenses
  6. Digital Marketing & research plan
  7. Comps for the neighborhood
  8. Pricing your home
  9. Contractors for repairs & improvements
  10. Negotiating & structuring the sale
  11. Explaining the contract
  12. Managing the transaction
  13. Timelines
  14. Home Inspections
  15. Professional Pictures
  16. Accurate Measurement
  17. Staging

Yes – We also have a rolodex of contractors we can refer.

No. There are a lot moving parts in the home sales process. Having the resources of a reputable firm and a FULL time Real Estate agent that can make your home a priority without any distractions provides immense value. If you decide to sell your home yourself and are unsuccessful your home may sit on the market longer than it should. This will make it harder to maximize profit.

Yes. I will hire and pay for a professional photographer to take professional pictures of your home. This is a detail that makes a huge difference in digitally marketing your home.

Yes. I will hire and pay for a professional to measure your home. In a competitive market details like this make a huge difference.

Yes. I will help you find a professional to stage your home. In a competitive market details like this make a huge difference.

Yes. We will discuss in detail the extensive digital marketing component which I include in marketing your home to gain maximum exposure to garner interest from buyers. We will review this in great detail in person. I also utilize the internal resources that Compass Real Estate provide which are instrumental.

Step 1 – We will meet in person for on a webex and review my brief presentation and the value I offer. The purpose of this meeting is to understand your goals and explain my responsibilities.

  1. 2 – Go To Market Game Plan – With in 3 days you will receive your customized “Go To Market Game Plan”. At this point we will have decided on a listing date for your home.

    3 – Plan on any home improvement or repairs, set dates for completion.

    4 – Implement marketing strategy.

    5 – A professional photographer will come by to take pictures, I will install a lockbox and a professional looking for sale sign.

    6 – 3 to 5 days prior to the listing date, I will send you links and marketing material.

    7 – Begin showings.

    8 – Carefully review offers, negotiate and then accept one. After contract ratification, I will introduce you to your attorney.

    9 – Inspections – Within 15 days after ratification the inspections take place. (Buyers pay for this)

    10 – Appraisal – After the inspection negotiations are complete the buyers lender orders the appraisal. (Buyers pay for this) This is where the the appraiser confirms the house has appraised for the price.

    11 – Termite, Well and Septic – Sellers are required to have a termite inspection within 30 days of closing. ) Sellers pay for this) If well & septic are needed the seller also pays for that.

    12 – Deed – Typically within a week you will go to your closing attorneys office to officially sign over the deed. Note: Sellers DO NOT have to go to closing

    13 – Final Walk Through & Closing – This usually happens within 40 days of ratification. Closing is also referred to as settlement. This is where the buyer signs all the documents at their closing attorneys office. After closing and recording of the title, you will be contacted to receive your funds!

Yes. There are over a 100 people involved in every real estate transaction. I will be sure to manage these daily. Here is a list of some of the pieces of the real estate puzzle:

Attorneys, Title Companies, Warranty Companies, Contractors, Appraisers, Inspectors, Termite Companies, Homeowner Associations and other Real Estate Agent(s).

After we receive the inspection report on your home, the buyer will be granted the opportunity to request repairs by the seller or request a credit instead of repairs. Once the seller receives the inspection report and repair credit addendum, there is a 7-day negotiation period. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Buying and selling a home is emotional for both parties.
  • I can help you with any repairs that need to be completed.
  • If a request is unreasonable you don’t necessarily need to do it.
  • After the inspection negotiations are agreed to, we can help schedule repairs to be completed. Please keep all receipts / invoices of work completed and send them to me.
  • Defects to the property. This means something that is damaged or dysfunctional that affects a normal standard of living.
  • Defect: a condition which impairs the normal stability, safety, or use of any improvements (building) on the property.
  • Common examples include structural defects, a damaged roof, mold in the crawl space.
  • Cosmetic flaws. This means something that improves a personal preference of living. Any cosmetic flaws, antiquated systems, or grandfathered components that are in working order but would not comply with current building code if installed today.
  • Examples – normal settlement cracks, a roof that is old but in working order.

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