Are you comparing buying a resale home verse a new construction home? Let’s begin by thinking through some of the benefits of new construction that are areas of concern with resale homes.


From the get go the materials used to build the home are new. Since there is not any wear and tear the likelihood of having to call a contractor to repair anything anytime soon is slim.  This same peace of mind also applies to other aspects of the home such as coding and safety. You can be rest assured that a new home is going to be up to current code. When buying a resales you may have concerns about energy efficiency but not with new construction. A reputable builder will build energy efficient homes and you will avoid any surprise “money pits” down the road. Since the properties are built from the ground up the buyer is involved in the process. You will avoid the whole buying “As Is” concern.

From a comfort perspective a new construction home buyer gets to choose the style of your home, finishes which come with warranties and appliances. When buying a new construction home you get to avoid bidding wars.  You also get to have a lot of fun by picking your lot and control the final cost of the home by customizing and selecting your upgrades. One of the biggest concerns is always the age of the HVAC systems and roof. With new construction you do not have to factor replacing these expensive items into your budget.

Buying New Construction

There are eight steps to buying your new construction home. As your exclusive buyers agent I will see you throughout the process.

  • Choosing the floor plan & structural items
  • Writing the agreement
  • Architectural Plans
  • Financing
  • Design Choice
  • Pre-Construction Meeting
  • Home Orientation
  • Certificate of Occupancy and Settlement

Construction Schedule

Next comes the construction schedule. There are 59 steps between permit and settlement. I will be there every step of the way.

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